Rock Landscaping and Property Management
provides top quality residential and commercial exterior painting and staining services.

~Power washing and staining of cedar siding and roofs

~Interior and Exterior Painting

~Drywall repair and installation

~Ceiling Texturing

~Wallpaper Installation and removal

This is accomplished through our disciplined approach to proper preparation.

            ~Full Power wash of all exterior siding, trim, doors and windows.

            ~Removal and replacement of all damaged or rotten wood on siding and trim.
            ~All loose or peeling paint shall be scraped.
            ~All siding and trim is tested for dry rot and moisture.
            ~Only top quality caulking and multi part epoxy fillers are applied, if necessary.
            ~When it comes to product, only top quality primers, paints and stains are used.
            ~Clean up is completed on a daily basis.
            ~A final inspection is completed by Rock Landscaping. If requested, the client is
               welcome to inspect all aspects or our work.

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